War Diary of 20 Siege Battery for September 1918


WAR DIARY of 20 Siege Battery for September 1918


Place       Date    Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information

In the field 1st                        3  2 gun positions occupied – LABOURSE near NOEUX-LES-MINES & VERQUIGIEUL.  Attack at extreme range for Mk. VI Hows.

2nd                          2 guns from NOEUX-LES-MINES position to position behind mine build up at PHILOSOPHE.

3rd                          1 gun from  VERQUIGIVEUL position to PHILOSOPHE & and 1 to LABOURSE, reducing Battery 2 – 3 gun. Sections.

8th                          3 guns from PHILOSOPHE position to former R.F.A. position in front of LES BREBIS FOSSE.

9th                          3 guns from LABOURSE to position in LE PREUL march beside Canal basin.

14th                        3 guns from LE PREUL march to ANNEQUIN (position N.E. corner of CITE).

16th                        ANNEQUIN position shelled by 5.9” gun – 30 rds No casualties.  O.K. on B.C. post (pill box) Ys on No 2 Gun.

15th                        150 rounds in CANTELEUX Farm & neighbouring trenches in support of 55th Div.  Observation from NEW BRIGHTON.

16th                        80 rounds in  CANTELEUX Farm & neighbouring trenches in support of 55th Div.  Observation from NEW BRIGHTON.

20th                        150 rounds on Distillery E. of Railway Triangle in LA BASSEE Canal by request of 55 Divn Observation from ”CRATERS” (RFA) O.P.

26th                        100 rounds in PIANO HOUSE & STRASBOURG TRENCH (N.W. of VIOLAINES) by request of 55 Divn Observation from BOOTLE (RFA) O.P. (in VIOLAINES Trench).

28th                        *** lodging in Officers mess Billet, MINX, & woman from neighbouring house attacked, wounded & nearly murdered by latter’s jealous husband with a razor.  Capt HANHART & Lt. E.O. DAVIS, armed respectively with a cricket bat & a poker interviewed murderer & numerous assistants in neighbouring estaminet.  Murderer invited them to share a bottle of vin blanc.  Finding all in order & civilians of neighbourhood content with situation officers retired & finished dinner.  Fate of assailant & assistant unknown.

General Summary for September

Personnel  Officers Lt. H.E. WEEKS attached to No 9 F.S.Co as O/c I Corps Ranging Section.

Lt. W.F. FOX posted to Battery & to remain attached to I Corps H.A. as a/Staff Captain.

Casualties Nil

Attachments 2 OR R.E. attached for report as to whether suitable for commission in R.G.A.

Tactical     Positions occupied during month 7

Rounds fired (approx) Counter Battery 4840 Other firing 1200 Total 6040

C.B destructive shoots Successful 24.  Results during ranging 40 K 89% 230 Z

Unsuccessful 3

Other shooting 3 Bombardments at request of 55th Division, harassing fire & registration.

Materiel     1 New Carriage & New Piece (Mk VI) received during month.

(CB Shoots – ANNEQUIN Section chiefly in SALOME Group, PHILOSOPHE Section on WINGLES-VENDININ Sector)



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