WAR DIARY of 20 Siege Battery for August 1918


WAR DIARY of 20 Siege Battery for August 1918


Place       Date    Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information

In the field Aug                     The officers remained the same as mentioned in last month’s diary.

2 6 p.m.             Command of Battery positions at LABOURSE, MAZINGARBE and near MINX passed from 193 S.B. to 20 S.B. the change taking place in situ under G.R.O. 3202.  Mk VII Hows were taken over.  (OPERATION Order No 187 I Corps H.A. Bde Ref 11/148 29.7.18)

Position of Guns L.2.b.30.49   2 guns

L9.d.14.14    2 guns

K.6.b.93.16.  1 gun.  1 gun in workshops

3                      Lt F.W. Davis departed for leave to UK.

4                                  Lt. H.E. MELLS posted to Battery on transfer from R.F.A. to R.G.A. (previously attached to Battery)

8 8p.m.            Position at K.6.b.93.16 vacated and two guns placed in position at E.18.d.55.38 and ready for action in accordance with verbal orders received at 8 p.m. (To ** ** on suspected retirement from MERVILLE Salient).

9 10 a.m.        Guns in new position ready for action with 420 rds.

9                      One gun at L.9.d.14.14 removed to workshops.

10                    Lt. LOACH & 2nd Lt. Davies reported back from courses.

14                    Major THOMPSON arrived back from leave to UK.

15th                              Bomb dropped in ammunition lorry at LABOURSE position when unloading Lorry & 130 ctgs destroyed.

Casualties 6 OR wounded (Gnr CHAMBERS later died of wounds).   Position shelled by 8” How while fire continued to them Pte. GLOVER A.S.C. 20 S.B. awarded M.M by G.OC. I Corps for gallantry & devotion to duty on this occasion.

21st                  CPL HARGRIEVES & 3 O.R. to Hospital, wounded from L.9.d position (shelling by 5.9” Guns)

Section withdrawn from E.18.d.55.38 to provide silent position at K.6.b.93.16

26th      Guns of 193 S.B. (MVII) exchanged for guns of 20 S.B. (Mk VI) in position of former.



General Summary for August 1918

Personnel Officers – unchanged throughout month, with exception that Lt. H.E. WELLS is posted from RFA attached.

Casualties  1 O.R died of wounds: 9 O.R. wounded.

Tactical Positions occupied 4

Rounds fired (approx) Counter Battery 5739 Other shooting 240 Total 5970

C.B. Destruction shoots Successful 32       Results in ranging 50K 102% 235%

Unsuccessful 1

Other shooting   Registration & *** inf

(Section in Sandpit near BEUVRY fired in Batteries in T & S square (NW of LA BASSEE)

Section in LABOURSE on hostile batteries near SALOME & LA BASSEE. Southern section on DOUVRIN.



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