Letter to Father 1 September 1918


My dear Daddy,


The glorious first & a day of respite to the birds, at least to all except those that happen to come over “my field you know, Sir” at Breadsall.


I was glad to hear from you this morning after your return from Scotland.  180 was a pretty good bag, & you must have had good fun despite the weather.  I am glad you had a good time dad.  When do you go up again?  Are there plenty of birds this year?  From your p.c. I gathered that you might have a job to find any towards the end.


I was interrupted by our mess president coming into buy some pigs for the mess. We are going to keep some.  They are very profitable, & we have a lot of swill.


He is a droll Irishman who can speak French like a native. He isn’t fond of parting with the divs & madame is a hard bargainer too.  I sat & roared with laughter while they were at it.  It was awfully amusing.  He hasn’t bought the pigs yet.


The war is going well isn’t it? We haven’t seen the end of the scrapping yet in spite of the bad weather.


I shall be on the lookout for the grouse about next Thursday & then I shall invite a few to dinner & have a damned good feed. I think they will travel all right in this weather.

Well dad, I have no news

With very best love

Your loving son



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