Geoff’s letter to father 18 August 1918

My dear dad,

Many thanks for your letter. Tomorrow you will be starting north & I hope you have a real good time & good weather. On previous visits you have had bad luck for weather & I am afraid the weather has changed again. Here today it has taken it all its time to keep fine but possibly it is only local.

With regard to the grouse you offer me, the postal arrangements here are pretty bad, & I should prefer to have them cooked at home & sent out. Dyer, Bennet & myself are forming a little dinner club & we propose to dine out once a week & invite a few pals to feed with us, so a brace would come in top hole for one of these little festivities.

Things are looking very bright out here aren’t they? It was a bit of a surprise to see us hit back so soon & to such good purpose & it must have startled you at home a bit. There is no doubt about it that man Foch is a marvel. We always thought he had a good bit up his sleeve, but he has changed the whole outlook of the war in the space of a month.

We got a new crowd of fellows in yesterday & we start off work tomorrow, so shall be pretty well occupied for the next 5 weeks. It will be 5 weeks nearer leave.

The old lady in my billet has just come in & brought me a species of French pancake you eat with butter & sugar. It is blazing hot & beautiful. It is like nothing I have ever seen before.

I hear mother was robbed of some car tools the other day. Jolly bad luck I must say. Will you get anything out of the insurance.

Have you heard anything of Win lately? I have written to her several times but I expect she hasn’t had much time or felt like writing yet. She is pretty hard at it just now I guess. The people here are, 4.30 a.m. till 10 p.m. Sunday s included. They have got a little girl in at this farm to help – 13 years old & she has to do it. She is a strong little thing but I’m dashed if I should like her job.

Well dad keep fit, have a good time & don’t get a chill.

With very best love & best respects to the party
Your loving son

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