F. Hammond letter 14 August 1918



Dear F & M

Just a line to say I am jogging along just nicely.  The news just lately has been very extra and if we keep it up much longer I can see this blinking war coming to an early end.  In fact I thought of asking Par to book a few turkeys for Christmas from the farmers round Woodford ways.  Was glad to hear you have had visitors including Boley Bill.  Has he lost his onetime curly locks yet.  Suppose Aunt MA is looking quite an elderly matron by now.  It’s just the sort of weather for holidays have you made up your mind where to go yet.  When does Gladys resume her studies suppose she has developed into quite a business girl during the recess.  Has Par seen anything of Gill lately had a PC from Fred Minshall the other day he seems to be having a good time beyond suffering from the terrific heat.  How’s my dawg getting along does he still make a halt at the principal hotel doors.  I hope you have broken him off such a bad habit otherwise he will be bringing discredit on his master.

Well I think this is about all this time.

Hope you are all keeping well

Let me know where Geo gets to

Cheerho  Fred


Spr Hammond RE 62210

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