Letter to father 10 August 1918





My dear dad,


Many thanks for your letters & also for receipting the refund from Vickery’s. I have sent them a formal receipt. We sent the students away yesterday & I am taking a day off today.  It has only consisted in having a good lunch so far & a whiskey & soda, which beverage I have not tasted since I left home.  I well remember bucking about how easy it was to get out here when I was home.  Well there hasn’t             been a drop in the mess since, I went back & the shortage is likely to continue I believe.  Well, what do you think of the news.  Pretty hot isn’t it?  I fancy the Boche has caught a proper draught this time.  I shouldn’t be a bit surprised to see us finish this year on about the same pitch on which we began it.  Then will be the opportunity of our propagandists.  I don’t believe the German people will stand for much more.  I see in the paper that that S London crowd are going to be hotted up.  I don’t know much about it, but it seems a pretty scandalous business.  Perhaps I shouldn’t think it quite so scandalous if I had a few of the original 6d shares.  I wonder if there will be an honest enquiry into the whole thing.  I suppose this time next week you will be on your way to Scotland.  I hope you have a good time & decent weather.  Take care of yourself & don’t get a chill.  Will you be up there for a week.  I will address letters to Turf Hotel Dawell as usual, unless I hear to the contrary.  I suppose you have invited the Food Controller to count the herd!  I have no news for you dad.  Tout va bien here.


With my best love

Your loving son



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