F. Hammond letter 6 August 1918



Dear F & M

Just a line to let you know I am still alive and kicking along merrily.  Had an afternoon out the other day went to see the Army Horse show and riding exhibitions met several fellows I knew including Tommy Earlam so spent a nice time together.  Otherwise there is nothing to report beyond that we had a special service to commemorate the 4th aniversiary of the war at which our Div Band played.  So what with beer at 2 francs a bottle and the religious influence at work I shall probably finish up if not in the RAF at least a sky pilot.  Suppose Par has plenty to do now he has lost so many men.  Hope the allotment is bearing a good return.  Would like to give the proceeds a good caneing.  I sometimes wonder what Lamb green peas & mint sauce would be like for a change.  Still we don’t do at all bad altho a change goes down well which I get occasionally.  The War News is very extra just now there still seems a good chance of it finishing before very long everyone is very hopeful out here and the effect of our success must have a gloomy effect on the Boche.  Well I think this is all this time not heard from Jack lately I suppose his skins pulled for about the 8th time ere this.




Hammond Spr. 62210 RE

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