Timetable August 1918

Timetable August 1918

Hundred Days Offensive

8th Aug to 11th Nov              Hundred Days Offensive


8th – 12th Aug                       Battle of Amiens

9th – 12th Aug                        Battle of Montdidier

17th – 29th Aug                     Second Battle of Noyon

21st – 22nd Aug                     Battle of Albert

21st Aug – 3rd Sept             Second Battle of the Somme and Second Battle of Bapaume

26th – 30th Aug                      Fourth Battle of the Scarpe

26th Aug – Sept                   Fourth Battle of Arras

31st Aug – 3rd Sept             Battle of Mont Saint-Quentin


Other Theatres

13th Aug – 3rd Sept             Battle of San Matteo

26th Aug – 14th Sept             Battle of Baku

August                                    Flora Sandes back in the trenches in Serbia






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