Alf Smith letter 18 July 1918.

Alf Smith letter 18 July 1918.


German censor marked.

152 High Street,

Southend on Sea



July 18th 1918


Our dear old Boy,


The news of your safety is the greatest comfort; we are happy once again; it has been a vary anxious time since April 28th the report “missing since March 21st” came from the Records Office on that date; since then it has been like night to us; we are the first to receive the good news; your letter dated May 7th reached us July 16th & Father has not received your letter to him of which you referred in yours; I telegraphed to him immediately so that he got the good news the same evening; by this you will know why you have not heard from us; dear Boy you also must be anxious for news & to know that we are all well; even now a small delay has to be added to enable us to become acquainted with the rules Official as to writing & as soon as we know the rules of parcels, we will send some goodies, not forgetting the “leather boot laces” with all speed; it is like old times once again Alf old boy.

In conclusion now, I rejoice to tell you we all enjoy good health & progressing at home & here; also that I received a letter from Jess today to tell how happy Father & they all are; they all four are going to Exmouth on holiday July 29th for three weeks, I am glad Father is going with them.

So now adieu, we send fondest embraces & heaps of kisses from Joyce.

Your devoted

Brother & Sister


Heaps of love to you dear boy; so very glad you are safe & well



Ansell is as happy as ourselves. He drinks to your good health; & is glad you thought of him.


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