F. Hammond letter 16 July 1918



Dear F & M

Just a line to let you know I am gogging along all merry and bright.  Glad to hear you had a good day out at Alderley.  The place where we are is just typical of the country round that dear old place.  Just like the Cheshire plain with Alderley Edge standing out prominently.  Only if one cares to walk up the edge here one can see for miles and at night it’s a most lovely spectacle to see the gun flashes and bursting shells as far as the eye can reach.  I see the Boche have started their grand offensive again but up to now as far as we can make out he has made a bad start and I hope before very long the offensive for him will have passed away for ever.  Then we shall soon have the German population up in arms at their dastardly failure.  It was certain very good of the fraternal to present you with so lovely a present let us hope we may all be together before very long and take a slice of Mar’s old cake from the silver dish.  Glad to hear Gladys has had her screw raised more chocolate for her I suppose.  Had a letter from Gladys Green a short time ago but haven’t answered it yet.  She’s looking forward to a trip to Mac before long.  Hope you girls have a good time together.  There is very little else to say at present.  Hope Mar’s cold is better ere this.  Could just do with some of Par’s new potatoes & cabbage suppose you’ll pickle some cab for the boys.  Suppose Jack has appeared again ere this.  He should be very near leave again by now.

Well cheerho old dears


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