F. Hammond letter 8 July 1918

8th July 1918


Dear F & M

Just a line to say I am going on all merry and bright I think I must be a little late in writing this time but I had a touch of the Flanders grippe a few days ago and of course one doesn’t feel too energetic or have the inclination to write. Fortunately I only had a slight dose & managed to stick at it without going sick.  Nearly everyone has had a touch of it just like measles.  Some have a worst time than others.  However I am quite OK again how’s Mar’s cold hope she’s A1 again ere this.  There is very little to write about.  Oh I don’t know whether I told you Lt. Halsall came into our place about the end of Febry his cable section was doing some work with us.  I only noticed him just as he went out so didn’t get a chance to have a word with him. I don’t know how he went on in the Somme affair.  Had a letter from Will the other day he seems all merry and bright.  Suppose Geo is still with the Sammies we have a few with us learning the game.  They seem a great lot.  Let us hope they are as good as the (Aussies) (That the Australians).  They are a fine lot.  They have some funny phrases.  They call each other Digger. Is Gladys still winding the clock up in the Town Hall or has she resumed her studies again.  Who can this wonderful maiden be who admires men of 33 hush I must be careful or else I shall start rhyming which is a certain sign of this most dreadful disease which is sweeping through the family.  I am on night duty tonight just made some tea luckily I managed to buy a tin of Lyles Golden Syrup so it’s lovely and sweet.  I don’t know if you’ve tried it but it’s the goods.  Well my hearties I think this is all at present hoping you are all A1 including Le chien and all the other herbs.


Gus de Grabbit

Or is it otherwise nowadays

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