Letter to sister 26 June 1918

On Active Service

With the British

Expeditionary Force



Wednesday June 26/18


Dear Mabel,


Was very pleased to get your letter last week & to hear you were enjoying yourself at B. Hope you will make a good long stay & have a thorough rest.  I heard from mother last week said she & Kate & Freda had been staying at Kenton but I expect that was before you left.  Haven’t heard any more news about father so conclude that no news is good news.  Hope the weather has been nice so that you’ve been able to spend most of the time outdoors.


How did you like the Hippo entertainment, you must make the most of your opportunity of going to the theatre etc. We are still here at the Workshops much to our surprise, but of course we might go off any-day at a moments notice.  The War News has been quite cheering the last few days hasn’t it, let’s hope it will continue so.  We went to the Baths again this afternoon and as we all go on two lorries, being too far away to walk, it makes quite a decent outing, apart from the advantage of having a comfortable bath.  Love to Edith shall be probably writing her tomorrow, & love for yourself, hoping you are both A1.  from your loving brother Harvey.

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