Letter from Fred Hammond 25 June 1918



Dear F & M

Just a line to say I am gogging along just nicely at present.  I received Par’s letter OK and am again on a good financial footing.  It’s surprising how the dough disappears nowadays.  Had a letter from Jacko the other day he seems to be going on A1 at present.  Hope it lasts for some time to come.  The War news is becoming quite pleasant to read just lately.  The Italians I see have given the Austrians something to go on with.  Let’s hope Austria will soon pack up and then the war will soon be over.  The countryside is very extra just now.  They produce excellent crops round here.  Suppose the allotment is going on A1 by now.  Suppose Gladys feels like a bloated capitalist at present.  Sorry she missed such a good chance still it’s better to be at home.  What does it feel like Gladys to have a watchful eye over you.  Suppose Par will be trotting in one of these days with a silver bowl as winner of the bowling H-cap.  Ah well my deries I think this is all at present.




Spr. Hammond

RE 62210

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