From May 1st 1918 – To May 31st 1918





1.5.18           Visibility today has been poor.  Throughout the day the enemy artillery harassed our forward areas with all calibre of guns.  About noon today, an enemy “Whizz-bang” battery was engaged and silenced by one of our batteries.  Very little enemy movement was observed today on account of the low visibility.


2.5.18           Visibility today has been fair.  During the morning his artillery was very quiet.  Our forward areas received a light scattered shelling during the afternoon.  A certain amount of movement was observed today in enemy country all of which was fired on by our batteries.  Our planes were very active throughout the afternoon, frequently crossing the enemy lines.  Only one enemy plane was observed today.


3.5.18            Visibility continues fair.  With the exception of a light scattered shelling of our forward area, enemy’s artillery has been very quiet.  A considerable amount of movement was observed today, mostly individual.  Our batteries carried out their usual harassing fire during the night.  A large explosion was caused in SALLAUMINES by our Heavies at 5.15 P.M.

Operational Order No 145 was issued today detailing the relief of the 3rd Canadian Division by the XVIII Corps (Imperial); relief to take place on the 3/4th and 4/5th.  The 9th Brigade C.F.A. will be relieved by the 91st Brigade R.F.A.  Relief is to be of personnel only, and all guns will be handed over to relieving batteries.


4.5.18           O.O.145-3 was issued today giving instructions regarding the move of the Brigade to AMETTES.  The brigade is to march at night, leaving the Wagon Lines about 7.30 P.M.


5.5.18            The Brigade arrived at AMETTES about 4.30 A.M. after an uneventful march.  The day was spent by the batteries in fixing up their horse lines and billets.


6.5.18 to 31.5.18       A considerable amount of open warfare manoeuvres in conjunction with the Infantry has taken place during the past three weeks, in the AUCHEL and BOMY Areas.  All Batteries made a very creditable performance, gaining valuable experience in the art of open warfare.  From the 10th to the 17th all the guns of the Brigade were calibrated on the Artillery Range at WESTREHEM.  A special shoot took place, during the calibration of the guns, in which the 33rd and 36th Batteries took part.  A demonstration of firing at short ranges took place which was witnessed by both Corps and Army Staffs.  On 21st, instant all the guns in the brigade were taken by motor lorry to ALBAIN ST NAZAIRE where they were calibrated on the new electric ranges.  A number of trips were taken to the XI and XIII Corps Area and reconnaissance made of the Reserve Trenches and battery area.

On the 30th and 31st the Brigade preliminary Dumbell Contest took place, which was won by the 31st Battery C.F.A.




Comd’g 9th Canadian Artillery Brigade

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