9th Canadian Artillery Brigade Operation Order 4 May 1918


9th Canadian Artillery Brigade

O.O. 145-3

4th of May 1918

Map Reference:

LENS 11 1/10,000



  1. In accordance with orders from R.A. Canadian Corps the 8thA.F.A. Brigade will not be relieved at present but will remain in the line and will come under the command of C.R.A. 20th D.A.


  1. In accordance with O.O. 145-2, O.O. 145 Para 3 (c) is altered as follows:- In order not to reduce the gun power in the line where relieving units are deficient in guns relieving units will not withdraw guns from the line but will hand over in situ their full establishment of guns.


  1. On completion of relief of the 9th Brigade C.F.A. Brigade will march according to March Table attached.


  1. An Advance Party consisting of the following will assemble at the 36th Battery Wagon Lines at 9.30 A.M. 4.5.18. They will be mounted and will carry sufficient rations and forage for 24 hours.


36th Battery                 One Officer

Headquarters               One N.C.O.

31st Battery                 One N.C.O.

33rd Battery                 One N.C.O.

45th Battery                 One N.C.O.

The Officer from the 36th Battery will be in charge of the party and will meet the Staff Captain, 3rd C.D.A. at the MAIRIE’s office, AMETTES at 3.00PM 4.5.18.


  1. Lorries conveying personnel of the 20th and 24thAs will convey personnel of the Sections of the 9th Brigade CFA relieved 4.5.18 direct to Billets at AMETTES. These lorries may be used to transport extra equipment in the way of tarpaulins, wireless sets etc.

The 33rd Battery will detail an officer and each of the other Units of the 9th Brigade C.F.A. will detail N.C.Os to report to him by 8.30 AM at the 33rd Battery wagon lines.  This officer will ensure that lorries are met by guides and that lorry drivers are properly instructed.






Fred Coghlan


Comd’g 9th Canadian Artillery Bde.


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