WAR DIARY of 2/6th Sherwood Foresters for April 1918

WAR DIARY of 2/6th Sherwood Foresters for April 1918



Place       Date    Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information

Sheets 27 & 28.

Fighting Strength  18 Offs 364 O.R.s

CAMBLINGNEUL 1/4/18               Proceeded to AUBIGNY by march route, there entrained for  PROVEN. Marched from PROVEN to Road Camp F.25.b.1.4.  Arrived at 1.0 am 2/4/18

2/7/4/18                               Road Camp F.25.b/1.4.

WINNEZEELE       3/4/18                 Marched to WINNEZEELE.  Arrived at 2.0 p.m.

10/4/18           10 am.           Entrained at WINNEZEELE and proceeded to POPERINGHE.  Marched to Erie Camp, BRANDHOEK.  Arrived 7.0 pm. In VIII Corps Reserve.

BRANDHOEK 11/4/18                    C.O. reconnoitered the area DICKEBUSCH and VIERSTRAAT with the idea of reinforcing.

12/4/18                                     Dismounted personnel entrained at BRANDHOEK at 3.0 pm. And detrained at LA CLYTTE.  Transport moved by road to DRANOUTRE area.  Battn ordered to move up the KEMEL- LA CLYTTE road where it halted, and billeted in Camps near road.

10 pm.           Battn moved up KEMEL – NEUVE EGLISE road as enemy were reported to have broken through and moving Northwards.

12 MN           Situation normal so Battn ordered to Camp in KEMEL CHATEAU wood.  Patrol sent down road to confirm situation.  They reached NEUVE EGLISE without opposition.

13/4/18                                    During the afternoon Battn took up Line N.27.c.0.5. to N.28.d.0.4.  Battn ordered to move up and take over the dispositions of the 7th Bn S.F. in Valley of DOUVE in Brigade Reserve, and be ready to counter attack NEUVE EGLISE should enemy capture village.  Move commenced at M.N. 13/14th and completed.

14/4/18                                 Orders received to send out patrols to get in touch with 71st Inf. Bde. on Line of A Cy T1 and T2.  Touch gained before daylight.  Heavily shelled throughout the day.  About midday one Coy ordered to fill gap on the road in I9.d.

11 pm.               About 11.0 pm orders received to withdraw to Main Line of Resistance, i.e. Railway Line running through T.1.c. and T.2.c and d, T3 Central, along trenches T4 Central, T.5 Central to T.6 Central.  Battn H.Q. established at N.26.b.6.1.

15/4.18                               Orders received about 11.0 pm to withdraw to the KEMEL – METEREN Line.  Battn took up outpost position in front of KEMMEL.  Defences from N.23.c.3.8 to N.27.c.7.4.

16/4/18                              Withdrawal took place about 2.0 am.  Outposts left out until 2.45. am.  Orders received about 3.0 pm. To the effect that the 28th French Division would attack at 6.0 pm. Between WULVERGEM and WYTECHAETE with their right flank resting on the LINDENHOEK – WULVERGEM Road.  Battn ordered to advance with leading wave and establish a defensive flank on line N.32.d.2.3. – N.33.c.9.1 and N.33.d.5.0.  this attack did not take place.

17/4/18                           About 10.0 am. Enemy commenced heavy bombardment and attacked all along the Line.  Attack held up but gap discovered on left of Battn front.  This gap was filled by one Coy of 2/5th Bn S.F.  During the evening a party of the enemy advanced to within 100 yds of our line and on being fired on retired with the exception of an Officer who remained Sniping.

2/Lt. A.W. Jackson went out and captured the Officer single handed in broad daylight.

18/4/18                           About 1.0 pm the French insisted on having Aircraft Farm bombarded.  The Battn therefore had to withdraw.  The bombardment did not take place and the Battn returned about 4.0 pm.

19/4/18                               The Battn was relieved by the French, leaving the line at 4.30 am.  Proceeded to Billets at WESTHOUTRE.

6.0 pm.                  Moved by rail to BRAKE CAMP A.30 Central.

21/4/18  12 noon.           Marched to HOUTREQUE E.20.b.25.75.

HOUTKERQUE 26/4/18                  Battn digging on WATOU-CAESTRE Line.

F.25.b.1.4.   27/4/18 28/4/18               Marched to ROAD CAMP F.25.b.1.4.  Bn training carried out.

HOUTKERQUE 29/4/18                  Marched to HOUTKERQUE E.20.b.25.75.



Fighting Strength 31 Offs  836 O.R.s


Capt & Adjt

2/6th Bn Sherwood Foresters


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