Letter to Alf Smith 19 April 1916

100 Arcadian Gardens,

Bowes Park N22

April 19 1918


Dear Alf,


In reply to letter which I received on Monday April 8 and was pleased two know you are well I am pleased to say we are getting settled down at the above address I have enclosed a ten shilling note which I no doubt will be useful. I have sent a letter to Southend on Thursday and sent on the letter I had from you and hope it will find them all well.  Pleased to say Ciss and all are well, Ethel has started at the Southgate Council last Monday, I shall be please to have a letter from you when convenient to you with best wishes from all.

From your

Loving Father


Registered Letter returned to Post Office by Military Authorities (Expeditionary Force) as undeliverable.

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