F. Springett letter 9 April 1918

Somewhere in France


April 9th 1918


Dear Miss Ayers,

Thanks so much for your welcome letter & cigarettes I received a few days ago.

I was so pleased to hear from you, it does seem nice to hear from an old school teacher.

It’s very kind of you to enquire after me, my sister Gladys has very often told me in her letters that you have asked after me, also Miss Gregory.

Yes we had it rather rough, but are now out for a little rest in a small French village.

It’s awfully nice to get away from the line for a little rest and of course we make the best of our time. This is a village very like Horsmonden and just close to our billet there’s a little girl’s school.  It puts me in the mind of old times.  I often think about the good times I had at school and often wish I were back again, especially when there’s a War on.

Still we keep smiling and grumbling that’s nearly all the British Tommy does.  Ha Ha.

I hope you will be able to understand this writing.  I’ll lay the blame on the parcel I think.  (One inch long)

I heard from Geoff Lambert the other day, he is quite well and back at Chatham again.

I saw Arthur Watts whilst on my draft leave at Christmas and we had a few hours together.

It will be fine to get back home again with all the old boys of course we all hope to.

I suppose H’den is awful quiet now, it was quiet enough twelve months ago when I left.

Well Miss Ayres I thank you and Miss Gregory very much for the cigarettes they are very acceptable out here, especially when they are shelling.  Ha Ha.

Yes, certainly I will write whenever I get a chance a letter from you will always be very welcome.

I don’t think I have anything else to say this time so I shall have to close this letter, wishing you & Miss Gregory the very best of health.

I might add that I am in the best of health.

Best Wishes to you both

Yours Sincerely

Frank W. Springett

Write soon


With cover to Miss A. Ayers, Post Office, Horsmonden Kent England.

Postmarked Field Post Office 5X A 21 AP 18. Passed by Censor 3257.

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