Brig Gen. Dick-Cunyngham letter to wife dated 8 Apr1918

Dick-Cunyngham letter to wife dated 8 Apr1918

Monday April 8th.

My own darling one,


It’s quite strange to find oneself elsewhere, but I am very happy and think I shall enjoy the Brigade far more than G.S.O.1.  Changes are always good for one as one is apt to get stale doing one job too long.


Pelham went off yesterday evening by car very sad at leaving but he knows he is finished & complains a lot of his head. I hope he will get a good rest & be suitably employed in time, but I expect he will lose his temporary rank until employed again.


I haven’t put up my new rank yet, Drummond is going to try & get me some in Boulogne today.


Will you do me a Blue Band, same colour as the old 14 Bde one & work on it the H.D. in Red Silk. Red is the Brigade colour.  The Divisional General is lunching today, they are changing Hd Qrs and I know it is always a muddle & discomfort & better for everyone to lunch out if they can.


I am riding round the Battns this morning, we are still re-organizing and receiving drafts. Some good men amongst them too.


There seems no regular time for Post at Bdes! Must enquire into it as I always like to know when it goes out.  This is a very comfy house.  Such a nice bed, sheets & good linen.  My brown horse has been kicked by Kitty but managed to walk here alright yesterday.  Have a jockey’s brother as Vet Sgt with the Brigade.  a good seat on a horse but I don’t know if he knows much about Vet work.


Must go out with Burney-Ficklin, my Bde Major, Drummond who was Qr Mr of our 8th Bn to Harry Wright, is my Staff Captain, I find out we were both in the same recruits squad at Aldershot in 1898 when I joined!


All my love, god bless & protect you

Your own devoted



With envelope addressed to Mrs J. Dick Cunyngham, 28 Coleherne Court, London S.W. 5.  Signed Dick Cunyngham.  Passed by Censor No 1454 cachet.  Postmarked FIELD POST OFFICE ? dated 8 AP 18

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