WAR DIARY of 2/6th Sherwood Foresters March 1918

WAR DIARY of 2/6th Sherwood Foresters


For March 1918



Place       Date    Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information


Fighting Strength  53 Offs 833 O.R.s


U.25.b.3.4.   1/3/18                             Battn constructing Reserve accommodation at U.25.b.3.4.

2/3/18 to 10/3/18         Battn relieved by 23rd Northumberland Fusiliers and marched to NORTH CAMP, MORY.

NORTH CAMP MORY 2.3.18        Battn on Working Parties on Reserve Line NOREUIL. C.9.b. (57 C).

B.21.b.8.7 (57C).     to 10.3.18


U 14             11/3/18 to 20/3/18        Battn occupied front line in 14b U 14 (57c)

21/3/18             Very heavy enemy barrage on front line from 5.0 am to 9.30 am.  Enemy attacked at 9.30 am.  Battn suffered very heavy casualties.

AYETTE       22/3/18 to 23/3/18       Remainder of Battn withdrawn to AYETTE F.6.c.3.3. (57D)

SENLIS         24/3/18                         Battn proceeded by march route to SENLIS V.10.d.8.4. (57D).

ESBLER       25/3/18                         Battn proceeded by march route to ESBLER, Nr BAEUCOURT.

FIEFFES     26/3/18                            Battn proceeded by march route to FIEFFES NR CANDAS.

CAMBLIGNEUL 28/3/18                Battn entrained at CANDAS, and detrained at LARUGNOY D.21.a.9.9. (36B) from this point proceeded by bus to CMABLIGNEUL, W.14.d.2.4. (36B)

CAMBLIGNEUL 30/3/18                H.M. The King visited CAMBLIGNEUL.

2.0 pm.            Inspection of Battn by G.O.C. 59th Division

Fighting Strength 30 Offs  627 O.R.s


Lt. Col

Cdg 2/6th Sherwood Foresters

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