April 1918

April 1918

Operation Michael – The Spring Offensive

4th -5th April               Battle of Avre

24th to 27th April           Second battle Villers-Bretonneux


Operation Georgette – The Spring Offensive

7th to 29th April            Second phase of the Spring Offensive

7th to 10th April           Battle of Estaires

10th to 11th April          Third Battle of Messines

11th to 27th April           Retirement from Passchendaele Ridge

12th to 13th April          Battle of Hazebrouck

13th to 15th April          Battle of Bailleul

17th to 19th April          First Battle of Kemmel

18th April                      Battle of Bethune

25th to 26th April          Second Battle of Kemmel

29th April                     Battle of Scherpenburg


The Western Front

21st April                      Manfred von Richthofen, Germany’s “Red Baron” was shot down by the Allies

27th April                      Rev. Theodore Hardy awarded the Victoria Cross


Other Theatres

1st April                      Royal Air Force founded

23rd April                     British raid on Zeebrugge


Mesopotamia and the Middle East

30th April/4th May       Second Transjordan attack on Shunet Nimrin and Es Salt


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