F. Hammond letter 30 March 1918



Dear F & M

Just a line to say I am all merry and bright after a most eventful time.  Last night was the first night’s sleep for over a week and I can tell you I struck lucky slept in a civy bed with a nice quilt over me.  I thought I should have plenty to tell you but so many things have happened in so short a time that one hasn’t time to remember them.  I suppose you have read all about this great struggle in the papers and the part our lot played.  I don’t know how many Divisions were thrown against ours but they came on in thousands to be mowed down by machine guns and shell fire but still they came on so we gradually gave way inflicting heavy losses on the massed Huns.  I don’t think he can go on throwing his troops away like he has been doing much longer and then he will have finished his offensive for all time.  The major portion of the ground he has gained is all desolate ground shell shattered since 1914 and some of the old battle fields we fought on 2 or 3 years ago.  So we were familiar with the ground.  We came across a few small villages where the civilians had evacuated or were evacuating.  It makes one feel sorry to see old people toddling along carrying a store of provisions making for safer quarters.  It would do some of those Engineers who are everlastingly grousing to have to undergo some of the distress.  Well I think we are down for a quieter time now.  Geo’s lot were a little South of us.  Is he still in hospital let me know any news.  Going well.  Cheerho

Love Gussie


In Green Envelope FPO D4. From F. Hammond to E. Hammond 9 Countess St Stockport


In Blue Biro Boche Great Offensive March 1918. We were under Genl Gough.


Field Service Post Card FPO H2 29 Mr 18. I am well. Overwritten in blue biro Coming out of the line after the retreat of the 5th Army (Gough) March 1918.

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