George’s letter home 24 March 1918






My dear old dad,




            I have only time to drop you a line to acknowledge your letter which I received today.  Things are humming a bit aren’t they.  But there is no need to worry.  ‘Ils ne passeront pas’ as our French friends say.  The damned Boche will never get through.  Still things are pretty serious on paper at any rate.  And the person we have got to thank is the damned politician.




I suppose in time the full story of the battle will come out.  Never in the history of England have such prodigies of valour been performed.  It had been almost superhuman.  Our men have fought like lions & made the Boche pay dearly for every yard they have gained.  The distance they have advanced looks bad, but the retirement is strategic, & the ground we are giving up is the devastated area the Boche himself gave up last year.




I shall have to stop dad I hope people won’t get their tails down.




            Best love to all


                        Your loving son






P.S. Many thanks for your offer of smokes.  Don’t send any yet.  I haven’t finished your Xmas box yet.


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