March 1918

March 1918

Western Front

26th March                                      French Marshal Foch appointed Supreme Commander


Operation Michael – The Spring Offensive

21st March                                     First phase of the Spring Offensive

21st to 23rd March                         The Battle of St. Quentin

24th to 25th March                         First Battle Bapaume

26th to 27th March                         Battle of Rosieres

28th March                                     Third Battle of Arras

30th March to 5th April                  First Battle of Villers-Bretonneux


Eastern Front

3rd March                                         Bolshevik Russia signs peace treaty with Germany at Brest-Litovsk


The Balkans

8th to 13th March                             Battle of Bakhmach


Other Theatres

23rd March                                       Artillery bombardment of Paris


Mesopotamia and the Middle East

8th to 12th March                             Battle Tell ‘Asur

21st March to 2nd April                   First Transjordan attack on Amman

27th to 31st March                            First Battle of Amman

26th to 27th March                           Action of Khan Baghdadi


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