Geoff’s letter 19 February 1918


My dear old dad,

Thank you for your letter. I had one from Mother today too. Please thank her for it & say I will write in a day or two. It is I believe your turn for a letter. It is hard to keep count of these things.

No I haven’t got to Paris this time. I have been busy on & off but on Friday I came here to the Corps Rest Station ostensibly till today. It is a sort of Club well fitted up with decent chairs & furniture to which officers come out of the line for a fortnight when they want a change or are a bit run down. You get good food well cooked & 4 drinks a day all at Government expense. You do just as you like. There is tennis & riding & billiards &c, so amusement is not lacking, you can just laze in an armchair & read & blow your baccy. The institution is in two French houses in a very pretty old fashioned French town. There is a cathedral or perhaps it is only a very large church here & in the wall is sticking a canon ball fired by Marlborough’s crowd. It is said that he apologised for sending it.

I am still awaiting an apology from the Boche for dropping a bomb on Saturday night. These moonlight nights are the devil.

I feel rather a humbug being here at all, but the real reason I came was to get my teeth seen to. I haven’t had them looked at for 2 years. The inspection showed that a round dozen require attention, so I got on the phone & asked for an extension here until Saty. I have had pretty fair hell with them too.

I met Rudgard today I never expected to see him again alive. He had 35 holes in him. He got gas gangrene, a severed artery, a shattered sciatic nerve, & yet here he is out here again with light railways & not in the pleasantest spot in France either.
He is a nice fellow.

We are expecting six prominent members of the Stock Exchange round here on a joy ride. Has F.T. started yet?

Damn all politicians. They are trying to run the army, & damn the papers.

Wilson is a good man, I believe, but why out the other man?

If we muck about much longer we shall lose this war.

I hope all is well with you.
Love to all & mother

Your loving son

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