Timetable February 1918

Timetable February 1918

Eastern Front

1st Feb                               Mutiny in Austrian navy at Cattaro on the Eastern Front

9th Feb                                 The Central Powers sign protective treaty with Ukraine

21st Feb                               Germans capture Minsk

24th Feb                               Germans capture Zhytomir

28th Feb                               Germans capture Pskov and Narva


25th Feb                               German troops land on and capture Estonia


10th Feb                               Trotsky quits Brest-Litovsk peace talks

24th Feb                               Russian Soviet accept German terms


The Balkans

6th Feb                                  Germany’s ultimatum to Romania over peace talks

27th Feb                               Romanian acceptance of German ultimatum on peace talks


Middle East

Feb to Sept                        Allied forces occupy the Jordan Rift Valley

9th Feb                             British begin their assault on Jericho

21st Feb                              The British capture Jericho


Other Theatres

15/16th Feb                         Battle of Rarancza



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