F. Springett letter 27 January 1918

Somewhere in France


Sunday 27.1.18



My Dear Brother Sid,

Just a few lines hoping they will find you quite well as it leaves me A1.

I am sorry I cannot give you any address yet but hope to in my next letter, but don’t worry I am alright. I am enjoying myself fairly well up at this camp, we have plenty of sport and concerts and jolly good concerts too.

I see by the papers that some of you fellows will soon have to move I do hope they let you alone, they certainly ought to.

Just remember me to the “girl”. Ha Ha.

Dear Sid, you know I cannot write much, so of course it means very short letters not like the “Blighty” ones. Ha Ha.

I will write again as soon as I get the address.

Well Dear Sid, just cheer Mother up when you go home. “Don’t forget”

I haven’t anything else to say. So I will pack up hoping this letter finds in the best of health.

Goodbye Best Love

I remain

Your Loving Brother



205166 Rifn F.W. Springett


With cover to Mr S.K. Springett, 29 Bath Road Dartford Kent

Postmarked A.P.O. Rest unreadable.  Passed by Censor 5321

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