F Springett letter 7 January 1918

Monday Jan 7th 1918



My Dear Brother Sid,

Just a few lines in answer to your welcome letter received today, so sorry to hear that you were not feeling up to the mark, pleased to say I am A1, except for a bit of a cold.

Yes the weather is awful, it rained something cruel here last night but as been jolly cold today.

Well Dear Sid, there are not many more days left now for me to stay in England, I think we sail next Sunday from Southampton.

By all accounts we shall move away from here on Saturday. I have written and told Dad & Ted and I think they will arrange to come down by the end of the week to see me.  I am sending a wire to Dad if we do move so perhaps he will see you, then you could arrange together about coming.  Don’t put yourself out or get into trouble if you do come because you don’t want any of this game.  Stick to your work just as long as you can.

I expect you get “fed up” at times but my word you would at this game.  Ha Ha.

Still never mind I shall come through alright.

Yes we had the Air-Raid warning but saw nothing of them this time, it was a wonder though.

We have got nearly all new stuff issued out to us, so we are well away now.

Well Dear Sid, I’m awfully sorry I’m going our there, not that I care myself, but I know how Mother will crack on, she did about poor old Walt when he went.

Still you must go home a bit oftener and cheer her up. We have got some decent chaps in our lot, my word, they are having a game with the Sergeants this week too.

Talk about fun with our platoon Sergeant. Ha Ha.

Well, Sid I will pack up or I shall miss the (Draft) I mean the post.  Ha Ha.

Perhaps you knew my birthday was on the 12th January did you?  We are sailing on the 13th rather sharp on time, “Don’t you think?”

Hope to see you before I go “West”. Goodbye-ee.

Best Love

I remain

Your Loving Brother



With cover to Mr S.K. Springett, 29 Bath Road Dartford Kent

Postmarked Margate 9.45 PM 7 JA 18

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