A. Smith letter & Post Card 21 December 1917



Postmarked FIELD POST OFFICE 20 22 DE 17

To T. Smith, 24 Palmerston Rd, Bowes Park, London N22 England.


I am quite well

I have received your letter dated Dec 17th 17 & parcel dated Dec 17th

Letter follows at first opportunity


Signature only. A. Smith  Date Dec 21st 17


Dec 21st 17


My Dear Father


Thank you very much for sending another parcel so soon they are always very welcome.  The biscuits are fine, also the cake, cigarettes & sweets; the marmalade will be a very nice change have not had any for sometime.  You can bet we are always anxious to see the mail, & there are plenty of parcels rolling up now I have been very lucky had a grand one from Ciss, also one from Albert & Mrs Pat have not quite finished the last so yours coming will just keep me going fine have not had to buy any fags for a long time.

Did Ethel receive my letter, as I mentioned that I have changed my address I will put it in this one to make sure:- Pte. A.A. Smith No 27521 53rd M.G.C. No 2 Section B.E.F. France.  I think I shall like it much better than the infantry.

Well what sort of weather are you getting? Oh golly it is jolly cold out here have had to break the ice to wash the last few mornings it takes some getting out of the blankets.

I am very glad you are spending your Xmas with Ciss as I know you will be at home there I should like to be with you all but I don’t think it will be long now.

We are in a nice little village, came here last Monday & I think we shall have a farely good Xmas there is a concert, whist drives &c arranged & I expect the dinner will be good will write & tell you all about it.

Am sorry I cannot send you any cards or anything but it is difficult to get them out here they are sold out as soon as they come in.

I had a long letter from Mr. Darvill the other week, have not had time to answer it yet. I guess you had a good time at the wedding that’s the stuff to give them enjoy yourself as much as you can.

Well I must say bon soir now. I hope you will all have a jolly good time write soon.

With much love to Ciss, Charlie & yourself & best wishes to Peter.

Hoping you are all in the best of health.


Your devoted



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