War Diary of 2/6th Sherwood Foresters for November 1917

WAR DIARY Of  2/6th Sherwood Foresters For November 1917



Place       Date    Hour                                                Summary of Events and Information


1.11.17                                                          Fighting Strength  Officers 31

Other Ranks 810


AVION   1.11.17 to 6.11.17  Battn occupied British Support Line.  Battn H.Q.s S.6 Central (LENS CANAL, 3rd Edition).

CARENCY 7.11.17 1.0 am.  Battn moved from Support Line to ALBERTA CAMP, X.17.a.8.3. (Sheet 36B).

8.11.17 to 13.11.17 Battn. on Working Parties.

DUISANS 14.11.17  9.0 am.            Left CARENCY and marched to DUISANS.  L.8.b. (Sheet 57C)

15.11.17 to 18.11.17   Battn training carried out.   Reserve Signallers, Lewis Gunners, etc under Specialists training.

HENDECOURT 19.11.17 5.0 pm.    Left DUISANS for No 3 Camp HENDECOURT.

Ref Map 57 c

GOMIECOURT 21.11.17 9.0 pm.    Left HENDECOURT for GOMIECOURT.  A.28.b.5.3. Arrived 12 M-N

23.11.17 1.0 pm.        Battn marched to ACHIET-LE-GRAND. (G.10.C)  Entrained for FINS W.12.c. & marched to 25.11.17       EQUANCOURT (W.10.b.1.7) where Battn billeted.

QUEENS X   26.11.17  6.0 PM.        Battn marched from EQUANCOURT to QUEENS CROSS Q.28.D.4.4.  Attached to 6th Division.

26.11.17  1.o pm.         Marched to Hindenburg Support Line.  In trenches R.1.a.4.3. to R.1.b.8.4.  Attached to 6th Div.

27.11.17           Battn on Working Parties.

QUEENS X   28.11.17  10.0 pm.       Marched to QUEENS CROSS Q.28.d.4.4.

29.11.17  1.30 pm.       Battn marched to Hindenburg Support Line Old British Line R.7.d.

30.11.17           Commenced to dig defensive line HIGHLAND RIDGE R.1 & R.7  Moved to join 20th Division in HINDENBURG line R.16.b.  Battn in Reserve.

Fighting Strength

Officers  32  Other Ranks  806.

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