The Great War –November 1917


The Great War –November 1917


1st -10th Nov                      Second Battle of Passchendaele


Western Front

20th Nov                               Battle of Cambrai


Other Theatres

1st -10th Nov                       The Battle of Caporetto

5th Nov                              The Allies agreed to a Supreme War council at Versailles

8th Nov                             Diaz replaces Cadorna as Chief of Staff of the Italian Army

9th Nov                              First Battle of the Piave

11th Nov                              First Battle of Monte Grappa

2nd Nov                              Balfour Declaration for the Jewish “National Home” in Palestine

13th Nov                              French PM Painlevé replaced by Clemenceau

17th Nov                             Second Battle of Heligoland Bight

25th Nov                            Battle of Ngomano


Eastern Front


6th/7th Nov                         The Russian October Revolution began


Middle East

1st-6th Nov                          Battle of Tel el Khuweilfe

6th -7th Nov                         Turkish forces retreat to Jerusalem

7th Nov                                Charge at Sharia

8th Nov                               Charge at Huj

13th Nov                              Battle of Mughar Ridge

14th Nov                              Battle of Yun Kara

16th Nov                                British forces occupy Jaffa

17th Nov                               Beginning of the Battle for Jerusalem

17th-24th Nov                      Battle of Nebi Samwil



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