F. Smith letter 31 October 1917

Oct 31st 17


Dear Father


I will now write you a few lines to let you know the latest news.

I am now with the Batt again, came back last night & feeling much better so when you write put No 10 Platoon not ‘C’ Company’s Mess.

Thank you very much for your nice parcel.  I enjoyed all the goodies very much; it came in very welcome as we are billeted miles from anywhere no chance of buying anything.

I was glad to receive Ethel’s letter.  No doubt you are beginning to wonder when I shall be coming home it is no use to think about it yet as there are a few more men besides me in the army & there is no chance of going until you have been out here 13 or 14 months you have to take your turn so I am not thinking about it until next March but I hope the blooming war will finish before that.

Ciss wrote to me to-day, I am glad you have been staying with them.  I guess you have some lively times in the cold store when the enemy is about I bet you want some spirits to warm yourselves afterwards.  I see you have had to keep a sharp look out when the full moon is on I could not make out what was meant by it at first as I had not read anything about it.

How is everything going at home according to what I can hear people are beginning to get fed up with the war n’est ce pas it is just about time.

Have you seen anything of Darvills lately I hope they are all well.

Well I think I must put a full stop as the news is exhausted & I want to answer several other letters that have collected lately.

Hoping you are all merry & bright & in the best of health.  Keep smiling

With much love from

Your devoted



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