F Springett letter 5 October 1917





Oct 5th 1917



My Dear Brother Sid,

Just a few lines in answer to your welcome letter I received today so pleased to hear that you were quite well as it leaves me still “Top Hole”.

Yes we have had an air-raid nearly every night since we have been down here and it makes us rather late at night.

They have come right over our camp mostly every time but luckily have not dropped any bombs, you see we are only sixteen miles from Dover.

Still we don’t take much notice of them we have had so many lately.

It as been showery here this last day or two and it makes the place very muddy.

Very sorry to hear that you haven’t got much work to get on with, hope you will soon be busy again.

We have been issued out with new Short Le Enfield Rifles and they are jolly particular about them too.  We are training a bit stiffer again now of course you know what for.  Still I suppose that’s what we are in the Army for. Ha Ha.

I am a Lewis Gunner now and I have been put in No 3 Platoon today they keep shifting us about.

Well Sid, I certainly hope you don’t have to do this sort of thing it’s alright at times but take my advice and dodge it.

Still you have done jolly good up till now.  “Three Years eh” Ha Ha.

Well, Sid I can’t get a week-end yet. I tried today but they won’t hear of it.

I tell you that if they won’t give me one shortly I shall take it and chance what I get. Ha Ha.

Well I must close as it’s getting dark, hoping this letter finds you quite well.

Well Goodbye

Best Love

I remain

Your Loving Brother

Frank William.

I have been thinking about poor old Walter today.

Still I will have my revenge.

56153 Pte FW Springett

A Company 3rd Platoon

284th Infantry Battn.

Bourne Park Camp


Nr. Canterbury


With cover to Mr S.K. Springett, 29 Bath Road Dartford Kent

Postmarked ARMY POST OFFICE 35. 5 OC 17

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