Message from 5th Army 26 September 1917

152nd Infantry Brigade

153rd         “          “

154th         “           “




1/8 Royal Scotts.

Div Signal Co.

232 Machine Gun Co.

A.D.M.S.                                Div. Supply Column.

D.M.G.O.                                Div Salvage Co.

A.P.M.                                                Div. Claims Officer.

D.A.D.V.S.                             Div Amm. Sub-Park.

D.A.D.O.S                              Camp Commandant.

Div. Train.

Div Gas Officer.


The following message has been received from Fifth Army:-


“In bidding farewell to the Highland Division the Army Commander wishes to express his great admiration for and appreciation of their splendid record during the fighting of the past two months aaa Their fine advance their gallant defence of ground won against repeated enemy attacks and the severe punishment they inflicted on the enemy during the last battle will ever remain one of their proudest records and has helped materially to enemy’s final defeat aaa He heartily wishes them all success in the future aaa Scotland for ever.


Fifth Army.”


Laurence Carr Major G.S.

for Lieut. Colonel,

General Staff,

51st (Highland) Division.

26th September 1917.

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