G. Hammond letter 26 August 1917.

G. Hammond letter 26 August 1917.


26-8 17

My dear Mother & Father

By the time you receive this I shall most likely have had my 3rd birthday away from home.  Am I 23 or 24.  I quite forget.  Well I must be getting on in life now judging from the way my moustache flourishes.  Now I have a little surprise for you both.  I am sending your birthday present on Wednesday don’t think this is a decoy to get you to send me something.  I would much rather you gave me the money to Pa to look after for me.  He takes such good care of it.  The only difficulty is Pa sees something he likes and having no money of his own say, Oh well I will buy it out of this and to pay it back next week.  Knowing all the time it is hopeless.

Now I am sending a pipe for Pa only to be smoked on Special occasions.  The paste is to polish it with not to smoke, and for Ma there is a little silver purse.  I have already written and told Gladys it is your purse and not to be ***.  You will also find my watch inside which wants repairing immediately, cleaning, new second hand, new luminous figures & fingers & a new saddler made wrist strap.  If you can get it done within a week or 10 days send it here.  I want it as soon as possible especially as the nights are getting dark.  Glad to hear you have managed to secure good digs see & have a good time.  I expect to find ma looking very fit when I come on leave.  I had a letter from Gladys today she says Salman is going home on leave.  Well this is all at present we are working very hard 7 am until 7 pm.  I shall be fit for a Brig Gen after this – perhaps – I forgot to tell you Mr Smith*** could have given you the address of some digs in Hoylake.  Don’t forget the watch.  Had a FPC from Gus the other day.  He is OK

Fondest love


PS I shall send the parcel home G


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