F. Smith letter 16 August 1917.

F. Smith letter 16 August 1917.

Aug 16th 17


Dear Father


I will now endeavour to answer your welcome letter also the enclosed 10/- note thank you very much it is very kind of you indeed.

Well here goes for a little bit of news in general.  I had a parcel from Albert to-day, also a card to say he was safe after the air raid; did they visit your way this time?

I see you are on your lonesome at present but no doubt you manage to pass the time away by running round the houses & having a chat with some of your old friends.

We have been having a rough time lately went in the line last Friday & came out on Tuesday it was a very rough shop & the weather being so wet made it much worse.  We are a little way back at present & don’t expect to go in again I believe we are going right back for a good rest very soon.

I mean to have a good time too.  Your money will come in fine then.  I am always glad to have a parcel but it is rather fortunate you have not sent one lately as we have been on the move so much.  I hope we shall be settled down in a few days again & I have it a bit easier it has been all work cleaning up &c have not had any leisure time.

You ought to see me now clothes all torn where I caught them on the barbed wire & am feeling very hitchy-koo am looking forward to a bath & a clean change.

Please tell Mrs. Warman & Lilian I have not forgotten their letter I hope they are well.

I think you must excuse more news now as I have so many letters to answer.

Hoping you merry & bright & keeping in the best of health.

Au revoir

With much love

Your devoted



P.S. Did Clara receive the two cards I sent the children about three weeks ago or longer.



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