Timetable August 1917


Timetable August 1917


4th Aug                            Noel Chavasse VC died of wounds sustained by treating wounded soldiers in                                         no-man’s land

10th Aug                            Battle of  Gheluvelt

16th to 18th Aug               Battle of Langemarck


The Western Front

15th to 25th Aug              Battle for Hill 70

20th to 26th Aug             Second offensive Battle of Verdun


The Balkans

4th/20th Aug                 Romanian Ecaterina Teodoroiu’s regiment moved from reserve to front line

6th to 20th Aug             Battle of Mărășești

8th to 30th August       Battle of Oituz

15th Aug                         Flora Sandes released from hospital after suffering “acute enteritis”


Other Campaigns

Early Aug                        Vera Brittain began to question her patriotism toward the war

18th Aug to 12th Sept   Eleventh Battle of Isonzo & Battle of Mount Hermada


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