A.A. Laporte Payne letter to Muriel 19 July 1917

A.A. Laporte Payne letter to Muriel 19 July 1917



July 19th 1917




Many thanks indeed for all your letters. They arrived in a bundle owing to the disorganisation of our mail consequent upon the move here.  You must punish me severely for not writing to you more by neglecting to send me any news if I behave like this again.


Thank you too darling for your kind messages. I value your congratulations much more than the promotion.  After all it is only an acting captaincy and liable to be lost at any moment.


I am very glad you enjoyed Mr Cross’ visit. I had a most kind letter from him the same mail that brought all yours.


After all your hard work you will be very glad of a holiday. Mind you have a good rest and recover from the effects of your toil as a farm labourer before I come home on leave.


Please thank Mrs Lowe for her kind messages & tell her I am sorry not to have had the letter!!


How is the picking getting on? And how is Maude behaving herself?  Look after her well and send her home in good condition.  I hope you will have a good holiday with Mr & Mrs Cross.  You will be returning home I suppose about the middle of August.  What a long time you will have been away!


Well! Reg is married I suppose. I hope he will keep or be kept quiet now for a bit.  Miss Scarfe is engaged and Humph too, I hear, to a nurse.  He has not taken long has he?  What’s the matter with everybody?


The Major has returned I am glad to say so I have come down to the wagon-lines for a bit of a rest and I am not sorry. Still I have plenty to do looking after the horses and carting the ammunition every night which is a long job.  Like Messrs Paice & Cross we have been forcibly ejected from our lines by the Boche and we have had another camp to construct, and horse lines to make and water troughs and harness sheds to erect.


Mother has guessed where we are. I wonder if you can.  We have had an extraordinarily busy time.  I don’t get the comparative luxury of Headquarters now but still at present I have a tent and a camp bed which is a lot more than a wet corn field which is all we get in the gun line.


The weather has been very bad lately but to-day it is gloriously fine. Just fine for an afternoon of tennis or bathing.  The latter I might get if there were less to do.


I hope you are both keeping well. Give my love to Maude and thank her very much for her letter which I will answer as soon as I can.


I am longing for leave and a time with you. I hope when I do get away the weather will be fine.  I am just living on for that time.  What a long time it seems since my last leave.


With all my love, darling

And many kisses

Ever your


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