F.W. Springett letter 15 July 1917




July 15th 1917

Sunday Afternoon


My Dear Brother Sid,

Just a few lines in answer to your welcome letter I received a day or two ago.  Hope you are still quite well as I am A1 now “thanks”.  My cold is nearly better.  I am getting used to this place now, but of course it isn’t very much. St. Albans was the place for me.

I am enjoying myself alright though, we don’t get quite so many drills now, but a decent bit of other work.

Last night we had orders from the War Office to move the Camp, so all the Batt had to shift the tents under the hedges and trees and anywhere where they couldn’t not be seen from Aeroplanes.

Of course that is in our time they do all this moving business, and today I heard they were going to move our mess tents so I went out. Ha Ha.

I don’t ask for a job as they will always give you one if they see you standing about.

We are still having lovely weather down here, but last night it thundered a bit but didn’t rain.

Next week we shall have a busy week, as we are on a course of musketry, and the following week we shall fire our last course of firing, so that will mean another fortnight from getting leave.

I have had three letters from Ted since I joined up he doesn’t seem to care much about anybody, perhaps he will one day.

You need not tell anyone but I think when we have finished this course of firing and we have had our leave we are going to India, I hope we don’t go out there.  Don’t say anything as it is only a rumour.

Yes, Sid, I could do with some money as I am nearly broke again “worst luck.”

Anything that you buy is so dear, they don’t put the soldiers wages up, I think they ought too.

Well, Sid I don’t think I have any more news at present, so I will close.

With Best Love

From Your

Affec Brother

Frank W.

Write soon.


6649 Pte F.W. Springett

D Company 1st Platoon

22nd Training Reserve

New Hall Farm Camp

Upper Dovercourt



With cover to Mr. S.K. Springett, 29 Bath Road, Dartford Kent.  Postmarked HARWICH 7.15 PM 15 JY 17.

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