G Hammond letter 17 June 1917



My Dear F & M & Gladys,

I was delighted to receive your letter the other day as I was beginning to get a little anxious.  I was not aware that Gladys was taking her exam until I received a letter from Elsie saying she was taking her intermediate.  I am glad to hear Fred is OK.  I should imagine that he sees very little of active operations which is a good thing.  I do hope Gladys gets through alright.  I think she will as she appeared to do very well in her Term exams. I am afraid Gladys would not walk very far if she were here the heat is intense.  It is very hard to realise that it is Sunday everything is just the same.  I am pleased to hear Mrs. Boon is recovering from the shock.  I hope she soon forgets the horrid part of it all but its no use worrying.  I don’t know how Sturman manages to keep at home so long, well perhaps he is better there than here.  Glad to hear the garden is doing so well.  It will be like a little farm before long at the rate the vegetables seem to be growing.

I wrote to Will sometime last week, it is quite a long time since I heard from him.  I believe he is getting very thin at least he says so.  How is the clock going now?  I suppose Dad has had the whole thing to pieces for oiling.  When is Gladys going to Liverpool?  I think she will have a good time.  Well there is very little doing here at present.  The greatest difficulty is to keep cool.  Now don’t forget to let me have those two books as soon as possible as I want then very badly.  It is so funny to walk down the trenches and see all the flowers growing, of course they really are only weeds but it makes things look much pleasanter.

Well this is all at present, don’t forget to write every Sunday or thereabouts as I become anxious if there is no letter during the week.

Fondest love to all


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