1 E. Yorks Regt Order 15 June 1917

Certified True Copy. Operation Orders by Lt. Col. R.H. WAITMAN.


  1. The Bn will be relieved in the line by the 9th K.O.Y.L.I. tonight 16th June.
  2. On relief Bn will take over the position of “C” Bn. (Area T.9.d. & T.10c.) & 1 Coy in HIND TRENCH.
  3. A Coy will be the Coy in HIND TRENCH & will change places with A Coy 9 K.O.Y.L.I. before 10.30 p.m.
  4. Coys will relieve & march as follows. C relieving C. D relieves D & B – B.
  5. 1 Guide per platoon to be at junction of FIT LANE & HIND TRENCH at 11 p.m. & report to Cpl Goldthorpe.
  6. All trench stores etc will be handed over to advance parties & receipts forwarded to Bn H.Q.
  7. O.C. Coys will render by 8 p.m. tomorrow of work done & work proposed.
  8. Coy C.Q.M. Sergts of H.Q., B, C, & D Coys will take over C Bn
  9. 1 Guide per Coy will report to 2Lt. S*** at Bn H.Q. at 4.30 p.m. tomorrow, to new position & return.
  10. LEWIS GUNNERS will carry out their guns.


Sgd A.H.E. Lt Adjt

About 15/6/17


Orders for night 16/17 June 1917


  1. Operation Orders Herewith
  2. All trenches & posts to be left clean & latrines emptied.
  3. Trench Stores will be handed over as for two Coys. there will be one *** dump only S. of RIVER ROAD.
  4. Posts will be improved as previously returned by O.C. Coy up to 11.30 p.m.
  5. At 11.30 p.m. all posts will stand to until relieved.
  6. Lt Briggs will report to me when C Coy is relieved sending “Whiskey” over phone.
  7. Coys will be shown to new positions by the guides & Platoons will march at 2 minute intervals from Flag T.5.a.8.1.
  8. In the event of Heavy Shelling Platoon ** will be responsible for proceeding independently to new area.
  9. Guides for incoming unit to report to C.S.M. Raggett at Coy H.Q. 9.45 p.m.
  10. 2 Lt Crane will relieve 2 Lt Dean in YORK Trench at 10 p.m.
  11. 2 Lt Stephenson will hand over post occupied by 13 Platoon & see that York Post is relieved quickly. 2.50 p.m.


W.C. Green


O.C. D Coy

1 Copy to 2Lt Briggs





WORK REPORT in accordance with Op Or 15.6.17.

(A). WIRE   A second band of wire has been started from SENSEE RIVER N to RIVER ROAD.


About 2/3 of this distance has now a good fence about 80x in front of *** positions.  Altogether about 60 coils have been put out & stakes accordingly.

All the wire put out is about 50x in front wire existing when we took over.

Wire should be continued & joined up with existing wire about 100x E of Junction SHAFT TRENCH & RIVER ROAD & then thickened N’wards to YORK TRENCH.


(B) Construction & Improvements of Posts.


1. Clearing Debris in trench Suggest proper bombing Post with T trench facing S & wire ready to pull in trench.
2 & 3. FIRE BAY should be constructed from 2 to 3 connecting these 2 posts at edge of debris on parapet
4. Entrance deepened. None Urgent.   Entrance to sap should be sandbagged on S side.
5. Nothing Urgent
6. Trench leading to post deepened. Should be sandbagged on S side.
7. do Do & FIRE Bay in new position to be constructed with FIRE STEP.
8. New Post completely dugout with FIRE Bays (2) Sandbagging & FIRE Positions to be constructed.
9. Not Urgent. Requires sandbagging in SHAFT TRENCH RE’s have this in hand.
10. Entrance to new SAP deepened. FIRE Step required in new Position.
11. LEWIS GUN post dugout & entrance to position remade after being hit by shell. Require still further deepening & strengthening as this post is a good one but liable to Shell Fire.
12. Nil Nil
YORK TRENCH. Post 400x down trench has been considerably deepened & improved. Nil Will depend on situation


Generally.  It was arranged with O.C. 126 Field Coy that we should dig out the new positions & that he would make & revet the fire steps etc.


W.C. Green


O.C. D Coy

5 p.m.


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