WAR DIARY Of 2/6th Sherwood Foresters May 1917

WAR DIARY Of 2/6th Sherwood Foresters

For May 1917

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information

ROISEL 1/5/17 Fighting Strength Officers 14
Other Ranks 392

8.0 pm. Battalion moved up the Line to relieve 2/5th Sherwood Foresters. Headquarters at L.10.c.4.3. (Ref 62 C N.E.). The 2/4th Leicestershire Regt were on our Right and the 2/8th Sherwood Foresters on our Left.
L.10.c.4.3. 2nd to 6th 5/17 No incidents of any importance occurred during this tour.
Casualties:- One Other Rank slightly wounded.
6/5/17 11.40 pm. Battalion relieved by 2/5th North Staffordshire Regt and marched into Divisional Reserve at HANCOURT.
HANCOURT 9/5/17 2.30 pm. Lt. General Sir W.P. Pultney K.C.B., K.C.M.G., D.S.O. Cmdg. III Corps, presented Ribands to the following Officers, N.C.O.s and men for awards for Gallantry and devotion to duty during the action at JEANCOURT 31st March 1917.
Capt. V.H.E. Langford Military Cross
Lt. F. Bundley do do
L/Cpl. Chell A. Military Medal
Pte. Gilman S. do do
The Corps Commander expressed his appreciation of the smart appearance of the Battalion.
HANCOURT 11/5/17 Captain J. Marsden (Since Killed in action) awarded Military Cross for Gallantry shewn at JEANCOURT on 31st March 1917.
13/5/17 11.0 am. The Commanding Officer (on behalf of the Divisional Commander) presented MERITORIOUS SERVICE CARDS to the following N.C.O.s and men of the Battalion:-
Cpl. H. West ”B” Company (Lewis Gunner).
L/Cpl. E. Thacker B Company (Signaller)
do H Cluderay C Company (Lewis Gunner).
Pte. P. Morgan D do
do . S. Pearson D do
do. E. Saville C do
19/5/17 During the time the Battalion was in Divisional Reserve the training of Additional Specialists was carried out and Companies were re-organised generally.
8.0 AM. The III Corps was relieved by the Cavalry Corps. The 178th Infantry Brigade were distributed along the Corps front as Supporting Troops. The 2/6th Bn. Sherwood Foresters marched to VILLERS-FAUCON (E.22.d. Ref 62C N.E.)
HANCOURT in support of the 2nd Cavalry Division whose Headquarters were at K.5.c.8.8. Battalion Headquarters were established at E.22.d.7.8.
21/5/17 9.0 am. Battalion Hdqts and B, C and D Companies moved to SAULCOURT, E.9.d.4.0. ‘A’ Company moved into BROWN LINE at F.1.b. Central.
SAULCOURT 23/5/17- 30/5/17 Digging and wiring of trenches E of EPEHY (F.1.b)
SAULCOURT 30/5/17 6.0 am. Battalion marched to Camp E of EQUANCOURT and established H.Q. at V.11.a.2.2 (Ref 57 c S.E.)
Fighting Strength Officers 20
Other Ranks 473

Lt. Col
Cmdg. 2/6 Bn. Sherwood Foresters

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