F. Smith letter 31 May 1917

May 31st 17

Dear Father

I thought I would send you a few lines as I have plenty of time to spare at present. There is not very much news to tell you, but no doubt you are always pleased to hear from me.
First of all I am wondering what the news is; did you send last week’s Pictorial as I have not heard from you lately?
We are still in the same camp, & I don’t mind how much longer we stay here; there are no inhabitants living near so we do not get to hear much what is going on I expect you know more than we do.
I am going to ask you if you would mind sending me some money as I am broke at present. I could manage alright if we were paid regularly, but sometimes it goes over a week & as there are several canteens here & I am very fond of chocolate, biscuits, &c that accounts for the milk in the cocoanut; so if you would not mind sending me a 10/- note it will come through quite safe if it is registered it will be very welcome for emergencies.
How is Wood Green looking I suppose everything in the garden is coming on lovely? Are the streets lit up as of old I suppose you often go to the Empire &c?
Do you ever see anything of young Ramsey I have not written to him for a long time now.
Well I think I must finish now.
Hoping you are all enjoying the best of health glad to say I am tres bien

With much love from
Your devoted

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