Letter to Muriel 24 May 1917

Letter to Muriel 24 May 1917 with cover to Miss Muriel Cross, C/O Post Office, Eardiston, Tenby Wells Worcester. Army Post Office R.W.3. postmark dated My 24 17.  Passed Field Censor 2232 stamp and signed A.A. Laporte Payne.



May 24th 1917


There are a few minutes spare before I go to another Court-Martial this morning so I am writing to let you know I am still thinking of you and to thank you so much for your letter from Paddington and the box of cigarettes which I am now smoking – one of the cigarettes I mean. You are a very naughty girl you know to send another large box of cigarettes – but it is very nice to have a naughty little girl all to oneself.


This court martial is a horrid nuisance just when I am in the middle of superintending the construction of dug-outs and a telephone system.  It is not pleasant work to do either but they have got to be done.


How do you like your work and surroundings? You are having perfect weather judging by what we are getting here.  To-day is perfectly lovely.


What lots we could do if we were together – we could go to the sea and bathe all day long and eat ices and go for a sail and doze on the beach and all sorts of things. Don’t you think I am ridiculous imagining all these impossibilities.


I know all the places you mention well from Henley days – Maidenhead, Reading, etc.


I should love to see you & Maude all on your own.


Vyvyan Pearse has just written a letter to congratulate me. He says “You are a lucky devil; I must say I admire your choice.”


Give my love to Maude.

Tell her I will write sometime.

Frightfully busy – so please forgive short note.


With all my love dearest & kisses

Ever yours



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