F Smith letter 19 May 1917

May 19th 17

Dear Father

At last I am going to try to write a few lines; we have been in the trenches for nearly three weeks, & now in reserve expect to go out on Monday for a rest so have not had a chance before.

First of all I must thank you very much for your parcel received yesterday.  I never had one come out at a better time we were short of food & no smokes so you can guess I soon reduced it in size; we finished the cigarettes, chocolate, cake, biscuits, & paste you could not have sent a nicer assortment.  I will let you know how I like the jelly next time I bet it is jolly good.  I only used the Harrisons once as we left for the line & I forgot to bring it with me so I am well supplied at present.

I have not had a shave for a week, & about a fortnight since I had a wash so you can bet we look bright articles but I hope to have a good scrub soon; that was very nice soap you sent in your previous parcel.

Well Dad I was very pleased to receive your letter & paper also one from Jess.

I am glad Albert Taylor is well I suppose he was home for a few days leave. What does he think of the war; fed up I expect.

I hope you will have a good time at Southend should just like to be coming along with you.

How did Ethel enjoy her holiday in Yorkshire I expect she is looking quite sun-burnt.

Well I think I must finish now just going out to do a bit of digging.

Glad you are all in the best of health.

Au revoir

With much love from

Your devoted Son

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