Report on prisoner captured by “D” Battalion on night 13th/14th May 1917.

IDENTIFICATION. – Preliminary report on prisoner captured by “D” Battalion on night 13th/14th May 1917.




The prisoner belongs to the Landwehr Regiment, No. 85., 2nd Battalion, 5th Company, 38th Division.


He was enlisted in STETTIN, and arrived from the ARGONNE on the night of 12th May 1917, and was last on the enemy front in August 1916 – RUSSIA.


The name of the Regiment on his right is the 78th and on the left 236th; he does not know where the 262nd Regiment is.


The 85th Regiment is a HOLSTEIN Regiment.


He was born in TEMPLIN in UKERMARCK, BRANDENBURG, and is 18 years of age.


Until August 1916 the prisoner was in the Reserve Field Artillery, Regiment No.3, BRANDENBURG, and since that time he has been an Infantry man.


This was his first night in the line, and he was one of a patrol of 3 men, consisting of another private and a Feldwebel, whose duties were to visit 4 posts in the front line; he does not know the position of the posts.


His Regiment before moving into the line was stationed at LIGNY, where they arrived on the night of the 12th instant.  The Officer Commanding the 2nd Battalion is HAUPTMANN STROHMEYER.


He was aware of the fact that AMERICA had entered the War and is going to send over an army to FRANCE.


He states that the men are well fed and are not dis-spirited.

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