Frank Springett letter 12 May 1917

6649 Pte F.W. Springett

D Company 1ST Platoon

22nd Training Reserve

St. Albans


May 12th 1917


My Dear Brother,

I received your most welcome letter on Tuesday.  I was pleased to hear you were quite well, as I am still A1 at present.  The weather here is absolutely grand, in fact it is quite hot enough marching about.

Well Sid I have had over a week under canvas now it is not so bad after the first night or two.  The first night is rotten but it gets better according as the nights go on.  Dear Sid they keep us jolly busy, in fact I haven’t been up the town this week.  We have a rotten Sergt Major and he gives us a job every night.  On Wednesday we went trench digging again, that is some job.  Thursday we went for a route march, about 14 miles.  It was jolly hot and the roads were dusty.  I felt as if I wanted a wash when I came back.  We get plenty of Bayonet Fighting and squad drills but we know all that now, so we get on alright.  It is very rare that I get checked about anything, if you keep yourself clean and tidy and do what your told, you don’t go far wrong.  I do hope you don’t have to do this bally job, it is rotten and no mistake.  Still I don’t mind it so much now, I am just getting used to it.  I have been joined up 2 months now.

Glad you liked the photo, Mother thinks it very nice, in fact they all do. It does not look much like getting a leave for Whitsun as spotted fever has broken out in A Company and they are camping close to us.  Still perhaps I shall have a good try.  Well Sid I could do with another donation as you call it, as I have just spent the last one.  Thanks very much it is good of you.  Nobody knows what it is like only them that are in it.

Money comes in very handy in this army and I can assure you I will not spend it without a cause. It comes in very handy to buy a supper with and a “drink” when you want one Dear Sid I don’t think I have any more to say this time so I will close.

From your

Affec Brother


Excuse writing. I’m in a hurry – Keep smiling



In cover addressed to Mr. S.K. Springett, 29 Bath Road, Dartford, Kent.

Postmarked ST ALBANS 8.15 PM 12 MAY 1917

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