Alf Smith letter 7 May 1917

May 7th 17


Dear Father


I am writing to thank you for your very welcome letters, & parcel received this afternoon.

The cake, & biscuits are fine & I am very glad you sent some more of that chocolate I meant to ask you to do so; the other articles are all very useful including the smokes.  The calves foot jelly was very nice, but there is not very much taste with it I prefer what you have sent or jam.

I am glad Nell & Bill are well, also Ciss it must be looking very nice up the river now should just like to be there. The weather has been very hot here although it looks rather stormy to-night.

No doubt you received my letter asking you for some money; a ten shilling note would be very acceptable as I am stony until pay day it will come through alright if you register it. I am glad you sent the parcel on first, as they are always welcome especially now more so than money as we are still in camp with only a canteen to purchase anything at & they have a very small supply have not seen an inhabited village for weeks now but I believe we shall be going back into civilization very soon & the money will be useful then.

One gets on a variety of jobs in the army we have been on working parties since we have been here; one day in the trenches working on dug-outs & the rest of the time unloading railway trucks it’s a dirty job but I would rather do that than parades.

Well I think I must finish now as it is nearly time to turn in. 8.50 P.M.

Glad you are all well in the best of health pleased to say I am feeling very well.

With much love

From your devoted



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