The Great War – May 1917

The Great War – May 1917

Western Front

7th May                        British fighter pilot Albert Ball VC Killed in action

3rd May                      French mutinies begin

9th May                         Nivelle Offensive ends

15th May                       Philippe Pétain replaces Robert Nivelle in the French army

15th May                     Foch succeeds Pétain as Chief of General Staff

3rd/4th May                 Third Battle of the Scarpe

3rd/15th May              Second Battle of Bullecourt

16th May                     Arras offensive ended


Various Campaigns

2nd May                         1st USA destroyer flotilla arrived in Ireland

10th May                    Pershing appointed to take command of the American Expeditionary Force

18th May                      Compulsory Service Act in USA

5th May                       Australian Prime Minister Billy Hughes wins enlarged majority

12th May                       Tenth Battle of Isonzo

25th May                       Massed German air raid on SE England


The Eastern Front

16th May                      Kerensky becomes Russian war minister.

May                               Kerensky persuaded to accept the Women’s Battalion of Death

May                             General Brusilov appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Army


The Balkans

5th to 9th May              Second Battle of the Crna Bend



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