Reports on Vimy Attack 10 April 1917.

Reports on Vimy Attack 10 April 1917.




April 10th 1917


REPORT ON BOMBARDMENT OF TRENCH FROM S.29.b.4.8 TO S.23.d.7.2 from 6.15 to 6.45 a.m. April 10th


Bombardment was arranged for at the request of O.C 4th C.M.R. his scouts having encountered a party of about 45 of the enemy partly dug in in this area.

The bombardment had the desired effect, as a patrol was sent out over the ground half an hour later and found no trace of the enemy. The O.C. 4th C.M.R. was very pleased with the shoot.

Attached is report by Battalion Scout Officer.


(Sgd) A.L. Anderson Lieut.

36th Battery C.F.A.








Patrol pushed forward, at first crawling and then walking. Patrol went two thirds of way through wood and reported wood to be full of the enemy.

Patrol was not shot at from VIMY.

Artillery fire was very good. Shell holes were found all around the position.





3rd Canadian Division


This is very satisfactory


(sgd) L.J. Lipsett, Maj-Gen.

3rd Canadian Division.


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